Laura Govan called into the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to bump her gums dishin her true feelings on Jackie Christie. Laura also mentions that she had ANOTHER fight on the show..

….This comes to me as no surprise, bullies love to fight and pick on people they feel like they have a lil power over. IMO she ain’t ran up on the right chyc.

The “Basketball Wives: LA,” reunion special should be verrrry interesting tonight! Now that we know Laura Govan’s true feelings about Jackie Christie.

During a recent interview, Laura said of Jackie:

“Jackie is like hella’ old. She’s like 60-something,” Govan said earlier this morning. “She’s too old to be like in the juice like that. …She talking about she the first lady. I’m like, in what? Craziness. You got cooky problems.”

Laura went on to give some more info….

“You know what’s crazy. I’m gon’ tell y’all a secret. I scrapped even after that, but they didn’t show it. Thank god.”

When asked if the fight involved Malaysia, she said:

“It was somebody else. It was awful.”

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