I’m sure your wondering which three girls were gonna get the boot from Basketball Wives, well you don’t have to wonder no more. The three cast members you won’t be seeing next season will be Royce, Jennifer and Kesha.

Actually I didn’t think it wouldn’t be another season, I just feel like Basketball Wives has ran it’s course. With Jennifer the, the whole lawsuit thing was just a mess, and with Royce, she got a little boring to me. We all know Kesha wasn’t bout it bout it, but I do think Suzie’s a waste on the show, don’t you? 

I know Tami has announced she’s moving to LA so that may be a little hard to work in the scenes. 

I guess we will see how the season plays out for Basketball Wives.


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  1. Kesha is boring and spaced out… Kenya needs to go and Jen needs to stay.. i know the lawsuit and all.. but Royce is my girl .. they didnt need to get rid of her! my opinion!!

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