Let the drama begin on Basketball Wives, the drama started on Tuesday night after the episode was aired via twitter. I have learn that a certain event was cut and somehow this situation is bigger then what it is. Check out the tweet: Tami Roman

Kenya’s twitter:
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Since they cut it out on the show, the reason I was so upset is because Kesha threw in my face that she got my husbands # & didn’t tell me.

Kenya Bell ‏ @KenyaBell Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
Yes girl Kesha got my husband’s number & didn’t tell me! “@Mirra_Mirror: @KenyaBell @tamiroman what?!?!”

Gumbumpers, so Kesha Nichols threw it in Kenya face that she gotten Kenya’s husband number, don’t you think VH1 should of aired it, the ratings would of been great?!!


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