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Check out exclusive details from Evelyn wedding plans. Evelyn is determined not to let anything about her big day stress her out!

On The Wedding List: I am definitely inviting my Basketball Wives cast mates, and he’s having his New England Patriots teammates and coaches from his past team, the Cincinnati Bengals come. I started with 150 people and I think it will be 250. The list is the biggest headache. Who is going to sit where, who doesn’t like this person. You have both families chiming in. I initially wanted something smaller, but Chad is a big personality and if I leave it up to him he will have animals running around.

On Jennifer Williams: “Jennifer is definitely not invited, it really wouldn’t make sense as she really wasn’t supportive of my relationship from day one. I want people who are really, truly happy for us. She never really cared.

On The Bachelor Party: “I’m excited because we’re going to do a duo and have our parties together, but we haven’t decided where yet. I am not really into male strippers, something about thongs doesn’t do it for me.”

On Televising The Wedding: “If it works out for the both of us we would do it on TV, there is some interest but nothing is set in stone yet. The Patriots would let him do that because he wouldn’t be playing then as it would be out of season, coach Bill Belichick is very strict during the season but he wouldn’t be opposed because it’s the off-season.