Evelyn Lozado and Chad Ochocinco talked about their relationship, and specifically the infidelity that has plagued it in the past.  It was even reported that Evelyn was going to call off the couple’s wedding! So the two sat down and talked about the cheating that has plagued their relationship in the past. Where Evelyn wanted her NFL player hubby to be able to be faithful, but when it comes to what he does for a living, it might be a bit difficult. Or what chad calls it “Work In-progress”.

After the couple was done talking it seemed like she was ready to accept Chad’s cheating, so long as she knew about it. Well, on last night’s episode of Eve’s reality show Basketball Wives, Tami Roman set Evelyn straight on the reality of dating an athlete.

“Chad is an athlete, so there’s certain things that come with that world,” Tami told her. “The man is not going to live like he’s a hermit. … He’s gonna interact with other women, you know. That’s just being realistic. Not that he’s cheating.”

Evelyn acknowledged this, saying that Chad thinks he’s a therapist who can help everyone he meets. “I’m like, you need to take your own advice,” she laughed.

Gumbumpers, do you think Evelyn is going along with this, because he keeps her in designer clothes and nice cars?


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  1. I definitely think that is one of the reasons she is willing to put up with his infidelity. Now tell me exactly why she was mad at Jenn again, it looks like Jenn just called it like she saw it. Ev is mad that she didnt follow her lead as she usually does…..Ev needs to stop tryin to stay mad, set her ego aside, cause everybody knows you know you f*cked up. Kiss and make up. Men come and go, “Real” friends are forever……Suck it up EV….

    • I really never understood the reason to be mad at Jen, she just gave her opinion and that was it!!
      You got that right- “Real friends are forever”

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