Tv Producer and creator of Basketball Wives Shaunie O’Neal covers Rolling Out Magazine for the week of March 17th. Inside, she opens up about spending time with her children, her plans for Basketball Wives, raves about her new love, model Marlon Yates, and the importance of leaving a legacy.

On Basketball Wives
“Every season we need to do something different…whether it’s someone leaving [or] someone coming, but I can’t tell you.[…]I didn’t put myself out there and on TV just to be on a reality show. I have a plan and a vision, and as it continues to grow, my vision and my plan get bigger. It’s to build a legacy for my kids and…[to] have something that I’m proud of, outside of being mommy. It’s just [about] trying to be smart. That window is cracked, and I’m trying to open it all the way.”

On Leaving a Legacy For Her Children
“They’re definitely [the] motivation to continue to do what I do. I want them to be proud of me, and [I want to] leave them something. Ours is a generation where our parents were not able to leave us with the same type of business,[…]I want to…leave some type of legacy for my kids. That’s my goal…I want them to say, ‘Wow, my mom did this.’”

On Spending Time With Her Children
“There are certain daily things that are important to me. Like me and my kids talking [on the way] to and from school, asking them how their day went, doing their homework. No matter what I did during the day – this photoshoot, the conference calls or meetings – the pickup times and homework times can’t help but keep [me] balanced. And I appreciate that time with the kids every day.”

On Her Time With Marlon
“You can catch us on the [3rd Street] Promenade in Santa Monica when they have all the people performing. I love that. He’s super athletic and we’ll go bike riding. We were just talking the other day that we should get one of those corny double [seat] bikes, [laughs heartily] and we’ll take walks near where I live and to the yogurt place. That’s kind of sexy and romantic and our little quiet time.”

Looking good Shaunie!!