Basketball Wives LA star Imani Showalter, shows off her new body when she posted a few pictures in a animal print bikini on twitter. Imani is heading to St. Barts soon, and wanted her twitter followers help her choose a bikini to wear.

I’m not sure the real reason why Imani dropped a few pounds – didn’t seem like she needed to.  Acknowledging her new look Imani tweeted:

“Ok y’all this is the the winner for my St. Barths trip….Yes it’s really me haha!”

What do you think Gumbumpers?

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  1. Mel B, Cristina Million, Kim Kardashian and Keyshia Cole. Need to come clean. Imani Showater is doing the damn thing in this cheetah print bikini. “I got time” Keep it Trill. Scratch all day! Make that drop. Remix that dope shit. O4SHO

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