I’m sure you watched the last episode of the Basketball Wives LA, were Imani threw shade on Draya.  Although it wasn’t specified, from previous conversations, we can assume that the shade comes from Draya’s reputation as being a groupie and neglecting her child. Well back in 2005 San Antonio Spurs guard, Stephen Jackson and his fiancé Imani were in Houston about to get married. Unfortunately, that wedding didn’t happen, hours before the nuptials were to take place, as Imani was getting dressed, Jackson hit her with a  50 page prenup. She refused to sign it, and the wedding was cancelled.

Come to find out Imani lied about her age and the number of children she had. Imani and Stephen have a daughter together named Taylor. Stephan was only aware of one other child that Imani had. Well apparently, Imani had yet another child who was actually living with the father’s family. Yes, allegedly Imani ditched her child to go catch her a baller.
Now let’s talk about the age thing. Supposedly Imani told Stephen she was 27 when she was really closer to 34.  Stephen’s mom wasn’t a big fan of hers.
So has your opinion on Imani changed?

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  1. I always knew she had skeletons in her closet, heck everyone does. I was taken back when she called Draya worthless.. Ever since then, she never had respect from me!! It shows what type of person she is and to call off a wedding because someone is protecting THEIR assests, shows that it was never about what it should have been, LOVE!

  2. Pamela Moye

    I was extremely upset to hear Imani call Draya "Worhtless"… And I think it is wrong to demand answers to a situation that does not affect you personally. if you are not going to help a person then don't be the one to tear them down!! You are no better than any one….We are all sinners in God's Eyes striving to do better.

    Think Before you Speak ar Act…… Because it may come right back on you!!!

  3. It figures, it is always the person that has alot to say about the other without looking at their own lives. But, all it tells me that Imani is very jealous and very insecured, why else would anyone make an evil comment like that. I don't understand these ladies, meaning Jackie Imani Kimsha Laura & Gloria, all of them are jealous and insecured, they can't even see other women without calling them out their names, all because either the other women are prettier, sexy, nice looking, nice dancer, better dresser, nope these ladies got to hate on them instead of being a strong woman and complimenting the other women they just bash them as if they have the right, again it is call jealousy and insecurities. They need to stop blaming other women for their men's shit. Imani, I don't know her situation and don't really care because everything I read in internet, blogs, whatever is never the whole truth and so what, who am I? I know I am not God, I know I am not perfect, but I am a woman and I know not to blame shit on other women or belittle them or bash them, no I love women, I love independent women and no I am not a lesbian, but I love my lesbian women I love them, my point is that strong women need to stick together, get the whole attitude out the way and be nice to eachother. We are all not going after you, we do want other women to succeed and be there for our children, so please stop this whole shit of bashing other women, the reason these ladies are this way because they are frustrated they have to deal with stupid ass men in order for them to continue to live in lavish homes, which I don't get. I rather live by myself in the fucking projects and be happy, why? Because I am making the decisions, I am taking care of my family, I don't need to ask permission to do stuff or be with my friends, I can be the woman I want to be and not be afraid of what the fucking man is going to do or say, I rather be myself, I rather be my own woman, I don't want to do things just for the fucking man, men they come and go, but with your family and close friends they are there and as for the women friends, we are there for eachother and not blame for the men's shit, trust, it would be so nice.

    • @Toni, You make a lot of good points, and the name calling needs to stop with these women…matter of fact all women.

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