Gloria and Matt Barnes of the Orlando Magic are getting married this August and are proud parents to 1 ½ year old twin sons, Isaiah and Carter. 

Gloria talks about wedding plans with Matt, who would always tell me that he wanted to get married on the beach at sunset, so we chose Santa Barbara at the Bacara Resort and Spa. I started planning the wedding in February. It was very difficult planning a wedding from Orlando that took place in California, I had to rely solely on pictures and people’s opinions. It’s been equally fun and stressful [laughs] I never realized how many details go into the big day, thank goodness for my wedding planner. We started off with 150 people, however once the word started to spread Matt and I quickly realized how many people we were forgetting and now the guest list is at 250.”

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  1. This is a part of life, disfunctional but it happens to many. Since he is in the public eye he will of course be put on blast ! Yeah his neck is scratched up but who knows what she looks like ! Two wrongs dont make a right NO ONE should hit the other in a relationship !

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