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It’s former President Barack Obama’s first weekend in eight years that he can live like a civilian. A civilian with lots of security, but still. His face on vacation though…it’s telling. And we can all relate.

Barack Obama was spotted leaving the gym (above) today, the second day of his vacation in Palm Springs, CA.

The former President looked understandably tired and partially covered his face as he was driven back to his vacation home after spending an hour putting in work. We wouldn’t be surprised if this was his face before the gym as well. It’s surely been ours since Friday.

Just like he said he would, Mr. O. spent his first day of freedom Saturday on the golf course.

He played at the private course belonging to Billionaire Larry Ellison. US Ambassador to Spain James Costos tagged along.

Something tells us he’s not mad at having to drive his own golf cart now. Private citizenship looks good on him.

BONUS: While all of the Instagram photos and Tweets from both Barack & Michelle Obama have been archived in separate IG and Twitter accounts, you can still follow their personal accounts where they’ll be updating periodically after their vacation. If you were following them before, you will automatically be following their new accounts.

As for the POTUS Twitter handle, Twitter got dragged for automatically making accounts that UNFOLLOWED it, follow it again as Trump took over. They claim to be “working on the glitch.”

In the meantime, The Obamas have been utilizing their Obama Foundation platforms on Youtube and Email. The work continues.

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