Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump was back again in “Saturday Night Live’s” Oval Office — this time for showdown styled on “America’s Next Top Model” between Grim Reaper Steve Bannon (Mikey Day) and Trump’s “little Kush ball” — Jimmy Fallon in shades and a flak jacket. Both vie to be Baldwin’s No. 1.

The loser? Bannon, sent away with another, bigger Grim Reaper down to the “basement” to “join Kellyanne Conway.”  But, Baldwin adds: “You get to come back at the end of all this and help send me to prison.”

Fallon’s mute Kushner is the big winner.

“Jared, you’re such an inspiration. You’ve shown everyone that if you’re born rich and marry my daughter, you can do anything you want,” says Baldwin, who dutifully moves to his tiny desk with toy. Fallon stays in the big desk to “fix everything.”

NBC Saturday Night Live

Which one wears it better? Jimmy Fallon or Jared Kushner?

Before the big showdown, Baldwin’s Trump boasts to VP Mike Pence (Beck Bennett)  about dropping the “mother of all bombs” on ISIS, “so big and fat it almost looks like me in my golf clothes.”

Baldwin muses about the end of his presidency. When Bennett reminds him he still has over 1300 days left, Baldwin responds: “Have you seen my tweets about North Korea? This could all be over by Monday.”


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