Former reality show “Bad Girls Club” Catya Washington aka cat has gotten herself knee deep in legal problems. She was arrested a couple of days before New Year’s for “an outstanding bench warrant,” according to TMZ.

The Oxygen channel’s ride-or-die chick, was already on house arrest for a November drug bust in Pennsylvania involving ecstasy, mushrooms, cocaine and a firearm. She was booked on five charges of possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of an instrument of crime. One family member snitched to TMZ about their dramatic diva relative by telling them that Washington had ventured too far from the confines of her house arrest. Washington, who calls herself the “Elite Player,” left the highly rated reality show because she felt she was way too refined and “high class” for the drama that was being depicted. She has since appeared as a video vixen on Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” video. She has also lent her glam presence to clubs as an image hostess.



photo via:WW

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