Brandy Vibe Vixen

Brandy’s long-awaited album “Two Eleven” has finally been released. If I say so myself it’s pretty damn HAUTE!! The old brandy is back. I haven’t heard good music in a LONG TIME and her album is packed with hits. I was a little confused when she released “Put It Down” with Chris Brown because, I was unsure about the direction she’d go in… Would it be pop? R&B? Soul? What??!!

But, it’s safe to say she is on point this time. Brandy made her promo rounds as well and 106th and Park was on the list. She also covered Vibe Vixen’s October cover issue.

In the lastest isssue of VIBE Vixen, Brandy bumped gums saying:

“It’s amazing that people still have a love for me and still feel like they can relate to me. It really does keep me on my toes, just being a role model for young girls, but I am grown. I gotta sing for the grown people sometimes.”

Here are a few of the questions she answered:

What was the realization that you were ready to make a strictly R&B album?

That’s what my fans wanted from me. I felt like that was my way to reintroduce myself to them and introduce myself to people that don’t even know me. They’re supporting me and it feels good. I took my daughter to the Mindless Behavior concert and 10- to 16-year-olds are screaming to the top of their lungs when I’m walking in. I started doing music before they were born! I just remember asking some little girl, ‘How do you know me?’

It’s widely known that Two Eleven means a lot to you. It’s your birth date but also the date of Whitney Houston’s passing. What runs through your mind when you recall that day?

February 11th will never be the same. I think about her everyday but that day in particular, it’s different. I didn’t understand. I had just seen her the day before; I just spoke to her a couple days before she passed. It just didn’t seem right the way she passed. I was angry, I was confused, but as I started to process it all, I just started to feel like there was a responsibility that she passed on to me to stay true to [the music]. She gave me the dream and possibility, and I have to do that same thing for other people. This music thing is not just about me anymore. It’s about the people that I’m relating to. People need music.

Not only have you stepped back in the music realm, you’ve been exercising your acting chops as of late. How was the transition back?

It was scary and natural. When I impressed my acting coach [Tasha Smith], I felt like I could go forward. She really helped me rediscover that confidence in my acting. I was blessed with “Drop Dead Diva” then Chardonnay for “The Game.” I really had to get in there and do my thing if I was going to fit in with them. I just trusted my instincts, the same way I did with “Moesha.” To be able to trust that again was great, and I’m happy I get a chance to possibly go back to “The Game” full-time.

Are you excited to work with Lauren London?

Yes! I’m obsessed with Lauren London because she’s so damn cute. I’m excited to work with her and to see her new character, but I’m going to miss Tia [Mowry]. She was such the anchor and backbone of that show.

Peep the flix and the video….

Brandy is teachin’ em how to move the hips… LOL

Brandy Visits 106 & Park October 16, 2012

Brandy Visits 106 & Park October 16, 2012

Brandy Visits 106 & Park October 16, 2012

Brandy Visits 106 & Park October 16, 2012

If you have the album please tell us your thoughts on it Gumbumpers….

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