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Gucci Boots and Converse were a few of the gifts Nia Guzman Amey received during her baby shower for Chris Brown’s little heiress Royalty. See pics inside and get deets on the threat Nia’s ex-husband made – if Chris ever gets out of line!

Click, flash! Nia Guzman Amey doesn’t understand the concept of being of low-key. A few days ago we learned about the existence of her 9-month old daughter with alleged father Chris Brown, and today, we’ve got pics from last year’s baby shower! Is Nia walking us through her “celebrity” pregnancy, though the steps are out of order?

You’ll recall that Nia was allegedly initially given a large amount of hush money child support until Chris could make a formal announcement about Royalty, but that all went out of the window once someone (likely Nia) leaked news about Royalty.

In the meantime, pics from Nia’s baby shower (held in Houston in 2014) have “leaked” too. Nia was feted by about 40 friends who gifted her with baby Gucci boots, a pair of baby Converse and other mommy essentials. There was also a crown-topped cake and a diaper changing contest. See more photos here.

TMZ also reports that a man named Brazil, who “believed” he was the father, was also at the party. As well as ex-husband Terry Avery.

In other developments…..

Nia’s ex-husband Terry called up the media last week (why not?) and gave them an earful. He says he and Nia were married from 2003 – 2014 and they have a 13-year-old daughter together. They separated (and eventually divorced) when Nia got pregnant because he KNEW it wasn’t his kid (shoutout to Mr. Brazil). But he had NO IDEA the baby was fathered by Chris Brown.

Now that he’s armed with this information, he has a word for Chris – watch your temper! While his exact threa didn’t get printed, he allegedly said that if Chris blows his lid around Nia or their older daughter, he’ll have to answer to him.T

We’ll keep you posted on Nia’s next round of pics…..we’re sure something is on the way.

Photos via TMZ

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