Baby graces the cover of June 2011 issue of XXL magazine, not for his rapping credits but for being a successful “mogul’.  Check out an excerpt on how he explained that giving Weezy his own label Young Money was the best decision ever.

Arguably the best decision Baby made, was empowering Lil Wayne with his own label, Young Money, in 2005, which Weezy used to sign stars like Drake and Nicki Minaj over the past couple of years. “Honestly, I gave him the floor,” Baby says of Weezy. “He wanted it. I been with him since he was seven years old, eight years old. I been in his life all of his life, and he was like, “Let me handle, it.” At the time, me as an artist, losing my sister and everything I was going through personally, I was just like, ‘Go ahead, I’ma just support what you gon’ do. You can handle it.’ And I took a step back. Probably was the smarted move I ever made in my life was to let him go ‘head.”


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