This story is one of those awwwww — so, touching moments we hear every now and again. Zumyah Thorpe, 11, suffered a severe brain injury after a drunk driver slammed into her mother’s car last year. Killing her pregnant mother and two younger sisters in the horrific accident. Zumyah who wasn’t expected to survive did so amazingly. Now doctors have credited Bruno Mars’ music with helping her come out of a coma after nurses played his songs to her every night. On Saturday night the singer serenaded her with her favorite (You’re Amazing) Just The Way You Are in front of 20,000 fans in Cleveland, Ohio.

zumyah thorpe

Zumyah’s grandmother Ronda told WKYC that not long after coming out of the coma she started singing Mars’ hit song (You’re Amazing) Just The Way You Are. Doctors say this music therapy is what helped Zumyah recover quicker than most, and even start walking again. ‘I am absolutely convinced that singing those Bruno Mars songs and being able to say Bruno Mars is in itself a miracle,’ the girl’s doctor said.

Bruno Mars, Zumyah Thorpe

zumyah thorpe bruno mars

Zumyah had a private meeting with Mars before his concert in Cleveland, Ohio, on Saturday night. “He gave me this (holding a teddy bear)….a bag with a lot of stuff,” said Zumyah afterwards, smiling from ear to ear. Then during the concert in front of 20,000 fans, Bruno jumped off the stage and into the crowd where he embraced Zumyah and sang her favorite song ‘Just The Way You Are.’ Fans say he also handed Zumyah his guitar and hat…and there were very few dry eyes in the arena after his special dedication to an amazing young lady.

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