Ava DuVernay’s latest film “A Wrinkle In Time,” has been a hit at the box office, but now she is looking on to her next film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DuVernay is slated to direct Warner Bros and DC Comics upcoming film “The New Gods.”

Late comic book artist Jack Kirby, who is also the co-creator of other comic book heroes such as Captain America and the X-Men, created the New Gods back in the 1970’s.

According to the site, “The New Gods” is a part of the “Fourth World Saga,” which is four different series connected together and created by Kirby. He created the series’ after he left Marvel and arrived at DC during the early 70’s.

The comics mix “social commentary, mythology and science fiction as it sees a war between two alien planets arrive on Earth when the ruler of the dystopian Apokolips, Darkseid, discovers that humanity holds the key to the Anti-Life Equation, which allows its user to control all living beings in existence.”

During her press run for “A Wrinkle In Time,” DuVernay revealed that she was asked to direct “Black Panther,” who was also co-created by Jack Kirby. However, she felt that the film needed to be directed by a black male, which later became Ryan Coogler.


Congrats to Ava on her new film!


Source: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/ava-duvernay-direct-dcs-new-gods-1094878

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