GM President Mark Reuss stopped by the LA Times office in a gleaming new Cyber Gray Metallic Stingray Convertible.


How about a hybrid Corvette?

“Actually, don’t laugh,” Reuss said with a telling smile.

“I think it’s a very attractive idea, actually,” Reuss said. “I think it would be really fun to do, I think it would build capability inside our company and I think people would love it.”

New GM has gone all eco-friendly since its bailout. First it rolled out the Volt and then it went down the line and made most every one of its models more efficient through turbocharging or electric or diesel versions. Why should the Corvette be any different?

Now it’s your turn. Fill out in the comment section below and share your thoughts. Would you like to see a Corvette Stingray hybrid?

This is my sweeties favorite car, so I’ll take anyway it comes.