There’s something to be said for old family photos, but there’s so much more emotion and meaning for some, when you see and hear those first steps, the first touchdown, first word in home video.

That’s why one Aurora woman says she’ll stop at nothing to get hers back from a man, who probably doesn’t even know he has them.

Samantha van Horn sold her collection of home videos in a box of miscellaneous VHS tapes and chords at a garage sale for $30 last Friday, she says, but the videos she didn’t know were mixed in with the other tapes are priceless.

The videos of her five kids, now ten to 29 years old. Now she’s missing all those special moments caught on tape: first Christmases, first steps, birthdays and holidays, “all the important stuff,” she says.

It was her first customer — who pulled up in a red convertible Mini Cooper with distinctive British flags on it. She says the man wanted to surprise his two sons with a video game console in the box.

“He asked ‘Can I just buy the whole tub?'” van Horn recalled. “Them being gone just breaks my heart.”

Assuming that the man is local, she drove through her neighborhood looking for the car.

“I I knew if I could spot the car I could go to the door and ask,” she said.

She still hasn’t found him but hopes someone might recognize his unique car and restore what can’t be replaced.

Published at 11:57 PM CDT on Jun 12, 2017 | Updated at 11:59 PM CDT on Jun 12, 2017


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