Identical Chinese twin sisters separated shortly after birth spent some quality time together in New York City Wednesday after being reunited for the first time.

Gracie Rainsberry and Audrey Doering explored Times Square and ate pancakes together on their way out of ‘Good Morning America’, where they gave each other a long-awaited hug in the morning. 

The two 10-year-old girls were adopted as babies by two different American families. Gracie lives in Richland, Washington, while Audrey grew up almost 1,500 miles away in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Their relatives didn’t know their daughters each had a sibling until December, when Audrey’s mother found a photo of the sisters together as babies.

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Twin sisters Gracie Rainsberry (right) and Audrey Doering (left) explored New York City together Wednesday after being reunited for the first time since being adopted from China

The 10-year-old sisters walked around Times Square (pictured), went to see the show ‘School Of Rock’ on Broadway and stopped to eat pancakes

During their day together, Audrey and Gracie realized they had similarities they never knew about. They said both of them tend to get messy when they eat and like to scare pigeons

Audrey and Gracie shed tears of joy as they met in person for the first time since their adoption, on live television. They spent the rest of the day bonding and discovering their similarities.

The sisters had pancakes after the ‘Good Morning America’ taping, skipped around town hand in hand, explored Times Square and went to see ‘The School Of Rock’ on Broadway.

During their day together, the twins realized they had similarities that they had never known about.

‘We both like to scare pigeons,’ Gracie told ‘Good Morning America’.

‘And when we eat, we both get really messy,’ Audrey continued. ‘We went to have pancakes after ‘Good Morning America’ and I had chocolate all over my face.’

Gracie said she, too, ended up covered in chocolate during their pancake break. 

Reunited at last! Sisters Gracie (right) and Audrey (left) met for the first time in person Wednesday and exchanged a long-awaited hug on ‘Good Morning America’

This photo, which shows the two girls as babies with their Chinese foster mother, led Audrey’s mother to realize her daughter had a sibling. She later tracked down the Rainsberrys 

The two sisters didn’t know they had a sibling until December. Audrey’s mother, Jennifer Doering,  found a photo of both of them together as babies, posing with their Chinese foster mother. 

Audrey had asked for a sister for Christmas this year, but Jennifer had a different idea: she wanted to give her daughter a copy of her ‘finding ad’, which is a photo that gets published in Chinese newspapers when a baby is placed in an orphanage. 

Jennifer tracked down a copy of the ad and was shocked to find out it was a picture of not just one, but two babies.

Audrey and Gracie both appear next to each other on the photo, balanced on the knees of their Chinese foster mom. 

Audrey (third from left) and Gracie sat down with their parents and the hosts of ‘Good Morning America’ after their emotional reunion. Both cried happy tears when they finally met

Audrey (pictured with her mother Jennifer) lives in Wausau, Wisconsin, along with her three older brothers – almost 1,500 miles from Gracie

Gracie meanwhile lives in Richland, Washington, with her family. Like Audrey, she has three other siblings – two brothers and one sister

The Doerings dug further and found that the other baby in the picture had a birth date close to Audrey’s and shared her congenital heart condition. They reached out to the Rainsberrys and broke the news to their daughter.

Audrey, who grew up with three older brothers, thought her parents were joking when they first told her she had a sister, but the two later chatted via FaceTime, with Audrey saying of Gracie: ‘She’s me.’ Gracie also has three siblings – two brothers and a sister. 

After chatting via FaceTime, the girls were finally reunited in person Wednesday, live on ‘Good Morning America’. Gracie and Audrey fell into each other’s arms. The two sisters, who both wear glasses, had even arranged to wear identical outfits. 

Audrey said that before meeting her twin sister, ‘it felt like there was somebody missing’. ‘Now, it’s complete,’ she added.

Gracie said not long after the reunion that she felt excited and happy – even though the even was ‘very overwhelming’. 

The girls’ parents, who sat with them as they spoke to the anchors, also got emotional. Audrey’s mother put her hands around Gracie’s face, asking: ‘Can I just touch you? 

As they have gotten to know each other, the sisters have discovered more similarities, such as their shared loved for chicken Alfredo and mac ‘n’ cheese. 



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