In the past we have seen multiple items that have once belonged to Tupac Shakur go up for sale.

Most recently, the handwritten lyrics to his song “Dear Mama,” was put up for sale for $75,000.

Now the estate of Tupac’s late mother, Afeni Shakur, is suing the auction site that has been behind the selling of the late rappers items.

According to Billboard, auction site, Moments in Time, has been hit with multiple lawsuits from the estate of Afeni Shakur. In the documents obtained by Billboard, the estate’s attorney has filed three lawsuits.

One lawsuit has been filed against Tupac’s former manager, another against his former production partner, and the third against Moments in Time.

They have been “distributing so-called memorabilia and audio-visual works without the rights to ownership and sell.”

The Afeni Shakur Trust is the rightful heir to hold Tupac’s property and aims to retrieve Tupac’s belongings.

Other items that have been sold include his driver’s license, his passport, personal letters and much more.



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