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“More than just a pretty face”

Tiffany M. SimmonsLadies, make them focus on your smile not your legs or your chest. On twitter, I often tweet to my female followers “Ladies don’t let that new outfit be the only pretty thing that you are wearing, smile! Beauty inside and out.” Society can be quick to judge and perceive women, only by their outward appearance instead of who they really are. As I deal with public perceptions daily, I strive to show that there is more to me than what appears to the eye. I understand that image and appearance are important, however, we are all unique beings created by God. Besides outward beauty, our unique talents should be celebrated as well.

I am Tiffany M. Simmons, the first attorney in a family of entrepreneurs, founder of Simmons Law. As an attorney, I have appeared on television and radio. More than just a pretty face, I am also an experienced thespian. I have appeared in stage plays, films, and have modeling experience. I enjoy many things outside of practicing law, especially writing and serving in the community. As a writer for various entities, I have published legal and non-legal writings.

I was asked to be a part of the “Ultimate Beauty Guide” which is a perfect fit because oftentimes in my field I have to fight the misconception that beautiful women aren’t smart. Some may say that beautiful women are successful for reasons other than their talent. Although I am successful in the courtroom and boardroom there are still the naysayers that prefer to hire the older gentlemen in a stuffy suit versus me, a young, persistent, and passionate attorney.

I am here to change the misconceptions of beautiful, successful woman. I would like to encourage ladies to don’t give up on your passions by conforming to what others see you as being. As a friend told me, “in this industry you have to constantly show and prove.” Be challenged! Show and prove to yourself and others your unique beauty (inside and out). It is a perfect fit for me to write for Sheen because you are asking legal questions and want answers! I am thankful to have been chosen to answer them. I aspire to uplift you, and motivate you to be more than just a pretty face. Ladies, if you have a business related question feel free to reach out to me at simmonslaw9@gmail.com.

Living healthy, wealthy, and wise,

Tiffany M. Simmons, Esq.
1-888-917-8387 (office)
Twitter: @iamsimmonslaw, IG: simmonslaw, Facebook: /simmonslaw

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