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In the latest edition of Italian Vanity Fair, Rihanna reveals how much she relates to her HOME character Tip and how she’s been an “outsider” as well. Also, Dr. Dre talks about the upcoming NWA bio pic and what he hope portray about their legacy.

We’ve been following Rihanna’s HOME promo here in the states for several weeks now, but the Bad Gal is also collecting headline clips across the globe too. Most recently, she’s featured in the April 2015 issue of Vanity Fair Italia where she discusses in-depth how her character Tip relates to the little girl she was in Barbados and how she compares to the woman she’s become. Also, she draws a comparison between Tip’s mom (played by Jennifer Lopez) and her own mother. See the highlights below and don’t forget to check out her single “#BBHMM”:

On how she relates to her character Tip: “Tip is strong, independent. Not to be discouraged, she knows what she wants and never gives up, without waiting for the help of others. She’s a little cheeky as I was. However sensitive. It sounds strange, but I’m very shy. I can only spontaneous if I’m fine with those around me.”

On Tip’s love of music and how she found her own voice as a little girl in Barbados: “I love the scene where Tip plays as song to Oh, who’s never heard music in his life and doesn’t understand what’s happening, so he tries to stop himself from dancing. Music is my life forever. When I was little, in Barbados there was only one TV channel: there was the time slot of the newscast, to Beautiful, Sesame Street and documentaries.

“On Sunday, finally, there were music videos on all day. I could stay inside the whole day listening to Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Bob Marley. I enjoyed mimicking their every song. And by doing a lot of imitating I found my voice. I was only a child when I decided I wanted to do singing as a profession, which I remember very clearly. I was eight years old, and my little brother had just been born, and I told myself that I wanted to do music, music gets you places in the world where I have never been.”

On how her mother is a lot like Tip’s mom: “I recognize a lot in the relationship between Tip and her mother. My mom is a force of nature. I know that everyone says: I have the best mother in the world. But I’m really convinced. She has always filled me with affection and has never tried, nor has judged my friends. Her presence reassures me. I’m glad it was Jennifer Lopez who got to be the voice of my character’s mother. When she speaks, I feel the same warmth and the same security that my own mother gives me.”

On feeling like an outsider: “Oh is an alien, Tip is a human: the music is just one of many things that make them, for background, very different. But gradually they discover a number of similarities. It is the basis of friendship, when one begins to know and you stop judging them. I know what it means to feel, like them, an outsider. The first time it happened to me as a child in Barbados, was when I moved and I ended up in a school where I knew no one. And then when at sixteen I landed in New York, where I was know as “the girl who is from the island.’”

On what Home means in the film, and what home means to her: “Home, in the film, is all about reuniting with the people you love. For me, they are always around, the lifeline, when I return in the evening to my hotel room, is the TV: news, reality shows, movies, documentaries, cartoons. I learned to call any place where I feel safe as home. But there is no place like Barbados. My beaches, my family, my food, my music. Home, for me, it’s right there.”

In other movie related interviews….

Dr. Dre stopped by L.A. radio station Real 92.3, where he sat down with legendary personality Big Boy to talk about turning 50 years old (yep!) and his much-hyped NWA bio pic. During the chat he discusses making some of hip hop’s most classic hits, watching himself come alive on-screen and dispelling some of the myths about NWA’s legacy (like their treatment of women). Here are highlights:

On preserving legacy and making the bio pic: “I was just nervous about putting a blemish on our legacy. The story had to be told right. And it’s incredible, man. I’m really excited about it. We had our ups and downs with the filming process, but now the edit is almost done. We’re working on music and what have you, and I think everybody’s going to appreciate it, especially everybody from Los Angeles […] As a matter of act, I didn’t even want to do the movie. Cube actually quarterbacked it. He went out and got the first draft for the script done. I read it and was like, ‘OK, we can work with this. We can turn this into something. And when Gary Gray got on board, that was it. I was in.”

On watching himself come to life through actor Corey Hawkins: “We wanted to be as authentic as possible.
We went out to dinner a couple of times, and I told him, ‘Listen man, I don’t want you to try to copy my mannerisms or the way I speak, I just want you to embody the character and turn it into what you feel it is, and I’ll let you know if you’re doing something wrong.’ That made him feel a little more comfortable about approaching it.”

On filming Eazy E’s death: There’s this actor, Jason Mitchell, he plays Eazy and he did an incredible job. I mean, there’s a couple of …read more

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