Songwriter Jenny Hyun has been put under fire for her recent tweets towards Black people, blasting them with racist and hateful comments. The misguided anger started with a tweet by Floyd Mayweather, a famous American professional boxer. Mayweather tweeted, “Jeremy Lin” is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.”

Jennifer began tweeting racist and hateful comments towards Blacks. She begins with comments stating that Mayweather should be “worshipping Asians”, calling him an “ungrateful APE”. She continues on to write comments about black people and how the only way they can advance is through white people, citing slavery as a prime example.

Check out the tweets below (read from bottom to top)

How do you feel about her tweets?

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  1. First of all we are more than our counterparts and we work to prove people like you wrong. What a big dick have to do with anything unless. Thats what you sit up all night dreaming about in your most wildest and nastiest dreams bitch. Find something else to talk about because if you haven’t notice stupid bitch you are of color to not white ass hole. People like you have no clue and wonder why you always somewhere getting the brakes beat off of you or you head stomped into the pavement to no end. But take a look in the mirror next time you decided you want to talk about someones appearance and look at your eyes and nose and the size of your head and mainly the size of your very small brain. I love when bitches like you put me down or talk about the most beautifulest race in the world that everyone want to be like in every aspect. I love me I am my best thing and you are the kind that is always standing in a sista’s like me way. So quick so fast to turn me down so quick to say no. But it’s more than obvious that you’re not the correct person I need to be talking to because you have not one fucking clue.

  2. Who is this Asian chick, looking like a porn star. Does she know white people don’t like Asian’s either, I hope Floyd gets in that azz.

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