A real man likes a challenge mentally & physically and it seems as most (not all) women hear the tic toc of their biological clock and they are looking to latch on to the first man that has a job and can complete a sentence. There’s nothing wrong with showing interest but don’t be so thirsty!

If after a date or two you’re throwing the panties, I miss you texts, and everything else at a man you’re putting yourself in a bad position. The man is supposed to lead, give chase. Being happily single you have to have patience because as men we lose interest quickly. So if your looking to define the “relationship” after a few dates or trying to see if you have one after giving up the goods after a cheeseburger plate & a milkshake what do you really expect to happen?

You can’t full court press a man into a relationship. If you slow down and let him pursue you you’ll either find out he wasn’t willing to put the time in aka wasn’t that interested or you move up from Mcdonald’s to Red Lobster and he’s contacting you, pursuing you, interested in getting to know you. If his comments are mainly about your looks and never about your life & interests and you go all in anyway that’s what you deserve but if you give it time to breathe you might find a man that’s willing to put the time in and sees and appreciates the special qualities you possess.

Either way it’s up to you but men know who is easy and who is worth it believe me! Both get treated accordingly…

Thanks to my girl at: Askkissy

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  1. There is ‘Nothng’, some women will not do, or put up / out. There is nothing left to the imagination. Sex/y = sex/you, gets you that only. Where is the Mystery….imagine. Peoplr tend to dress to impress, I havae always had my own style. Th…ere are just certain items I do not ‘wear well’, people included. My G~Ma always said, “What is in you will come out’, or ‘The cream always rises to the top’. Take your pick, make your choice, in this we are like God, He gave us the ability to choose, or to follow the herd (crowd). A Lady is quite diffrent from a female.♥ 62 year okd Lady♥ just having my say♥

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