According to the New York Times, Apple executives had been in talks with the folks from Twitter recently about making an investment that could take the value of the social media company from it’s $8.4 billion worth last year to over $10 billion.

From the report:

While Apple has been hugely successful in selling phones and tablets, it has little traction in social networking, which has become a major engine of activity on the Web and on mobile devices. Social media are increasingly influencing how people spend their time and money — an important consideration for Apple, which also sells applications, games, music and movies.

First, let’s try to be optimists. Perhaps Apple and Twitter are soulmates because both value sleekness and simplicity, the former with its glossy lines of iProducts and the latter with its effortless 140-character bursts of thought. They also both hold something for each other: Apple has wads of cash ($117 billion to be precise) and Twitter has social network-savvy, which Apple hasn’t been able to master.

Will they go through with investment? Only time will time.

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