is selling a Anti-cheating ring”, which is a titanium wedding band that has an interior engraving that reads “I’m Married” backward. When the ring is taken off, the words are left imprinted on the wearer’s finger — exposing his or her true marital status. 

The cost of fidelity? Just $550.


The description of the product reads, “With Arnold, Tiger and two timing IMF guy in mind, we have created this wedding ring for people intent on cheating. The negative engraving on the inside means that when you are in the ‘Club’ and an attractive woman…or man comes along to chat, slipping your wedding ring off is not an option. The mark left on your skin says…’I’m Married’.”

Twitter users were abuzz about the wacky rings – but most of the hype was negative.

“Who would ever buy this? Least romantic wedding ring ever,” wrote one user.

“I’m just saying that if either of you are considering these, then you should probably reconsider marriage, period.”

Get your’s here at

Would you buy this ring for your husband?

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