The internets have had no chill ever since Birdman’s tragic pull-up-and-kinda-storm-out drama on The Breakfast Club’s show. Now Anthony Hamilton’s background singers have us in tears….

Once your foolishness gets the gospel treatment, you’ve officially played yourself.

Birdman’s recent “interview” with The Breakfast Club had the whole internet cackling. And for good reason.

When the Cash Money mogul was cursing out the three hosts because he was previously talked about by Rick Ross & Trick Daddy, and he got questioned by Charlamagne about why he didn’t pull up on them instead, it was all downhill from there. Including the rapper-honcho’s annunciation.

The memes were rampant. Birdman’s comments about “respeck” had folks doing the most. Now, a re-enactment from Anthony Hamilton’s backup singers The Hamiltones. While on the tour bus, they created a song based on Birdman’s recent quotables from that recent interview. Check it above.

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