The “Turn On The Lights” rapper Future just settled another baby mama paternity suit back in January — and agreed to pay $1,662 a month in child support for his 10-year-old son, and now another Georgia woman says she had his child December 4th.


According to TMZ, the woman makes it clear in docs, if Future disputes the paternity … she wants a judge order him to take a DNA test … and make it official.

Damn, I wonder is Ciara going to stick around for all this?

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  1. thats right get these dead beat dads…. get them all… don’t want the drama the were a condom or stop sleeping around there is worst things you can get then a baby.. did people forget aq three letter death sentence that is out there so stupid!!!!!!!

    • Dam u sound bitter u probably got a few baby daddy running around huh?..and it takes two, those horny bitches need to learn how to close their legs or control themselves enough to put a condom’s not like he rape the bitch

  2. C’mon now…really!?!? All of a sudden the first bm see him on tv now she want cs…now all of a sudden he got babies everywhere? I bet if he wasnt making money they would be saying the next one wss the daddy! GTFOH

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