GUMBUMPER: How did you go from being a Chicago stylist to working with some of today‘s top celebrities?

ANGELA: I grew up on the South side of Chicago and moved to L.A. in 2010. I got hired immediately at Kim Kimble’s hair salon. As you know, she works with everybody in the industry and because she travels so much,  I was the only stylist there to take on her clientele and build my own. I ended up building a relationship with all these people through working at the salon and then I started getting jobs on my own through referrals.

GUMBUMPER: What were your expectations when you decided to be part of L.A. Hair and why did you decide to do it?

ANGELA: Well honey, my personality is poppin. I knew there would be some good opportunities from it. People think that once you get on TV your whole life just changes and you don’t have to work no more and it’s not really like that. The only thing that changes is people you don’t know, know you or they think they know you. I was anticipating a little bit of scrutiny because I know that I have the type of personality that people will want to criticize because I’m very opinionated and I’m very sassy. I know me and Kim weren’t in the best realm of having a relationship before the show came in so I knew that it was going to be a story made out of our strange relationship. I was prepared for it but it’s nothing like actually doing it. Once I did it I was like I shouldn’t have done this, this is not right, but I think God has a ultimate plan for me overall because I didn’t come down here with the goal to be on TV. I think that now that I have this platform I’m going to use it for what my purpose truly is and that’s to inspire other people and to educate them.

GUMBUMPER: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have of you?

ANGELA: People think I’m a lot less ambitious and hardworking because Kim tried so hard to beat down the door and say how unprofessional I am but that’s really not the case. A lot of the time the story line is just someone talking about me.  It’s not factual evidence to show what I did or how I did it and that’s the part about being on a reality show that you have to give way for. They can manipulate your character or your personality to what they want it to be. Even though I am very opinionated, I take pride in what I do.

GUMBUMPER: What are the most important lessons you’ve learned since being on L.A. Hair?

ANGELA: It’s important to think about what you are going to say and how you are going to say it because it can be misconstrued and edited out. I think I wouldn’t really change anything that I did on the show for the most part except for learning how to react to situations differently, which is a struggle of mine. I definitely learned how to keep my calm and learned how to articulate better.


GUMBUMPER: Do you regret your decision to go to Thailand that resulted in you being fired and were you surprised when it happened?

ANGELA: I wasn’t necessarily surprised because me and Kim don’t get along that well.  Obviously from the show and from what I know about her, she wants to be the only person that is really doing magnificent things and everybody else is just a worker. I’m not like that. I’m a leader. I’m not a follower. I’m okay with taking a backseat and putting forth work for someone else but I’m not okay with them not wanting me to do things either.

Part of me wanted to quit a long time ago but a part of me was like this is a great opportunity and other small minded people would be like you should stay working for her because she’s this and she’s that. Not to sound conceited, but I know what I’ve been given, God given. I know what I’ve been blessed with and I don’t think that me moving out to L.A. and doing these things is contingent upon whether or not I’m going to work with Kim Kimble. I’ve clearly outgrown working in the salon environment.

GUMBUMPER: Have you ever thought about mentoring those inspired by what you do?

ANGELA: I started a YouTube channel to help hairstylist and students with techniques. My videos are shot in HD so I’m paying quite a bit to put this information out but I think it’s valuable to a lot of people and so that’s my way of mentoring. I’m also about to do a nine city tour where I’m teaching classes in different states. I’m giving very inexpensive advice on how to brand yourself and take it to the next level.  I’m giving technical training on styling and hair cutting. I’m also a platform artist so I work at trade shows and I make sure I reach out and I talk to stylist.

GUMBUMPER: You are noted as a weave expert. What’s the best advice you can give to someone regarding maintenance of their weave?

ANGELA: You want to make sure that your going to someone who knows how to manipulate and braid your hair in a way that it’s not uncomfortable. That’s one of the things I’m going around the country and teaching people, as far as my weaving techniques go, is that a weave should not hurt. You shouldn’t be walking around taking pain pills for the first five days to bear it. That shouldn’t happen and if it is then you should find someone else to do it who can value your hair a little bit more than that.

GUMBUMPER: How young do you think is too young for weaves?

ANGELA: If you’re still in grammar school you should not be wearing weaves. I think it’s cool to start in high school preferably around sophomore or junior year.  I do think people are going overboard with putting weaves in their babies hair just to be lazy.

GUMBUMPER: Natural hair is really popular right now. Why do you think so many woman have decided to transition into it?

ANGELA: I think it’s a combination of things going on. I think they’re starting to see the amount of breakage and damage that relaxers and chemicals are giving to our hair. They’re realizing that they can have a lot more versatility with color and styling and the hair grows a lot faster in its natural state. I think a lot of times too, its just about self expression and now we’re at a time where black is cool again so it’s like let’s express our blackness like the 70s.  I’m really happy about this movement. I’m natural myself even though I wear extensions.

I am a brand ambassador for a natural hair line called “My DNA.” You can find it in stores throughout the country. It’s a great product because it’s sulfate free.  It also has a great moisturizing conditioner and leave in conditioner as well as other products to help manipulate the natural curl pattern and eliminate shrinkage.

GUMBUMPER: After all that you’ve experienced, if asked to return to the show, L.A. Hair,  would you?

ANGELA: Returning to the show and returning to the salon are two different things. I know the show is about the salon but reality is also about individuals and what they’re going through and their growth. If I am back on the show it won’t be me in the salon. I will say that.





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