Angel Nicole Angelita 
are so many things I love about my work. I am a teaching artist in the
Bay Area and I teach ages 3-13. What I love about teaching musical
theatre is that I am seeing kids experience the art that has disappeared
in so many schools due to budget cuts and also due to the fact that
many people don’t take the arts seriously. I love the look my students
get the first time they perform. This summer was my first time musical
directing at the in the Bay area. We put on 4 shows within 8 weeks! I
was super overwhelmed about it, because prior to this job, I had only
done minor subbing, tutoring, and more retail than I’d like to admit to.
However, as a musician, being able to be paid to do what I love for
kids is such a rewarding and divine experience. I taught children this
year that have never done musical theatre this year, some that have, and
some that swore they hated it. By the end of the Summer, I saw some of
the most shy kids come into their own and realize they had a voice. Even
the ones that swore they didn’t like it, ended finding their voice as
Techies! I love that my job constantly changes and that I get to watch
these kids grow and discover new things. With musical theatre they are
discovering themselves and let me tell you… to witness this is out of
this world. Just when I think I’m being a solid teacher, THEY teach me
more and show me how to be GREAT instead of good. ( I am also THE
teacher that sneaks in a few lessons on Prince’s music. I can’t help it!
The next generation needs to know lol) I was getting out of a very dark
place before coming to the Bay this year so knowing I’m adding to the
world and making it better everyday from the little I do is relieving
and it feels like what beauty should feel like. Freeing.
I am also
a musician and for the first time in a while, I’m not afraid to say it.
Being a musician means you are always learning and you never get bored.
I work my ass off and I’m proud of it 💪🏽💪🏽
Love and Be Wild!
Angel =]

Desiree Brandon 
am an educator at a zoo, so my job is ALWAYS amazing! I love that I get
to teach people about the environment, how we can affect real change
for the earth and the animals upon it, and watching the curriculum I
write become an amazing learning experience. I get to change minds about
how we treat our planet. I love that my job allows me to be creative
and gives me an insane amount of vacation time. But more than anything,
my job is super unique in that when I am having an off day or a bad day,
I can literally walk out to see our dolphins/elephants/walrus/whatever
and I instantly feel much better!

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