New mom and former BET/MTV host, Ananda Lewis, is gushing about new mommyhood.  She took to her Twitter to let her fans know she recently gave birth to a new baby boy and did it without any drugs and at home.

Ananda gave the twitter world a bouncing baby boy update on her life today:

Took me 9 3/4 months to grow a baby, 14 hours of labor and 18 minutes of pushing (at home & drug-free) to get him into the world, and every minute of the rest of my life to kiss on him NONSTOP! I love being a mommy!! Looking forward to my 1st Mother’s Day with my kid

Her Twitter profile reads:

MAXIMIZE YOUR MIND!! I loved BET, MTV, an almost everything I’ve done on tv, but MOTHERHOOD is the best job EVER!! I finally feel complete