Inkkas is a socially conscious shoe company, just founded in 2012. The brand seeks to promote beautiful handmade shoes using traditional South American textiles. From the beginning, Inkkas set out to be a company that would have a beneficial impact on the world, not an exploitative one. Inkkas’ donates a portion of all proceeds to help South American communities.

– Tracy

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Since Inkkas is constantly designing shoes for men and women, where do you get your inspiration from?

I believe that it’s very important for us to stay close to our roots. We make and design shoes, handmade in South America and our shoes clearly represent that. Our designs are come from ancient and authentic tribal patterns of the South American people that date back centuries.

Who are you major influences?

For me there are 2 major influences right now that are driving the Inkkas brand. The first is the amazing South American cultures and their styles and patterns (specifically Peru and Bolivia) everything there is bright, colorful, and really beautiful. These are people are really in tune with nature and express this through things like their breathtaking textiles.

The second major influence for me right now is the amazing street fashion that has grown so popular in the past years. I spend a lot of time studying and admiring fashion bloggers who have taken style and fashion into their own hands.



What do you feel you bring to the industry?

Inkkas is really a brand unlike any other – it’s styles, colors, and designs are distinctly unique. We’ve created a shoe that is not only completely original and creative but handmade as well. Today, Inkkas Shoes are the result of the skilled work of talented Peruvian artisans. While there are tons of amazing brands out there today I don’t think there are many like Inkkas that can claim they are selling a unique, handmade product at such a high-quality level.

Blue Mist Low Top Front

Blue Mist

Cotton Candy

London Sky Low Top Side


Mojito Low Top Front

What’s the ultimate message you want to get across through your shoes?

This is an important question, because Inkkas has really become an outlet for my expression as well as the embodiment of some of the best parts of South America. But, If I had to choose one message than It would have to be creativity.

What are some key trends will we see from your line next season?

Yah for sure! First, people should keep their eyes open for our new line of Inkkas for kids which should be coming out any day now. I honestly cannot use words to properly express how cute these shoes are! Second, I’m really excited to announce that our Inkkas version 2.0 is about to enter production and should be released early to mid-March. Our new v2.0 still preserves the amazing designs and patterns of our original shoe but has been slightly altered to make it a little more “Urban.”


How many pairs do you have in your private collection?

Currently I own a unique pair of Inkkas for everyday of the week so I guess I have 7!

What do you love most about Inkkas??

For me, what I love best about Inkkas is the fact that anyone can find a shoe that will represent them. We have over 47 styles, each unique in its own way.

Do you remember your first pair of Inkkas??

Of course! My first pair of Inkkas was Orange Juice – which turned out to be our highest selling shoe – which I still love to this day. Although I rarely wear my pair of Orange Juice now except on special occasions due to the sentimental value.


If you had one word to describe Inkkas, what would it be?


Where do you see the brand in 5 years?

5 years is a long time, especially in the fashion industry but one of my dreams is to truly make Inkkas an international and multi-ethnic brand. I would love to expand our cultural influence from South America to other regions. There are so many fascinating cultures and people around the world – I really see them as the ultimate source of inspiration!



Visit Inkkas Online: Official Website

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