An Amtrak train carrying nearly 200 passengers derailed outside Union Station in Chicago Monday morning.

Three of 11 cars on the train appeared to have lost contact with the rail just after 10:30 a.m., according to Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari. 

The train was traveling from Boston and New York City before arriving in Chicago. There were 197 passengers on board and nine crew members at the time, officials said. 

“We felt a slight bump and the train came to an immediate halt,” said passenger Neil Gregory. “And we were informed the train derailed.”

Passengers were moved from those cars to another part of the train before arriving into Union Station just before noon, Magliari said.  

Amtrak Train Derails Near Chicago’s Union StationAmtrak Train Derails Near Chicago's Union Station

Emergency officials were called to the scene but Amtrak said that was done as a precaution.

The Chicago Fire Department confirmed it was responding to the area at 1400 S. Lumber St. for a three-car derailment. No injuries were reported.

Magliari said the incident happened while the train was traveling at a slow rate of speed.

Video From Scene of Amtrak DerailmentVideo From Scene of Amtrak Derailment

“We were crawling then she started shaking,” said Lee Brooks, of Shelby, Ohio. “All of a sudden our car was the third one from the back, and a few cars behind it derailed, pulled us off, and I thought we were going to tip over.”

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