I’m going to need Amtrak to get these trains together! According to the New York Post, a high-speed train broke into two pieces while traveling at 125mph today. This marks the 3rd accident of 2018, following a crash outside of Charlottesville, Virginia last week and a collision in Columbia, South Carolina. Back in December, there was also a derailment in Tacoma, Washington.

According to reports, today’s malfunction took place on the 2150 Acela while traveling from Washington, DC, to New York City. The connector between two trains reportedly broke and separated, leaving the two trains only connected by the air hoses. “Someone could have been walking through the train when that happened and fell to their death,” a source told the New York Post. “There was a lot of sparking and smoking at the head of the train and a lot of bouncing around.”

We’re happy to report that Amtrak officials confirmed that all 52 passengers aboard were unharmed. “We are currently investigating the cause of the car separation, inspecting every Acela trainset, and taking any necessary actions to prevent a reoccurrence,” an Amtrak spokesman said.

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