Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was pictured in a prison jumpsuit and shackles today as she was sentenced to five years in prison.

Under a plea deal the reality TV star entered guilty pleas to one count of Class D felony possession of a controlled substance and one count of parole probation violation.

If she completes the terms of the Madison County Drug Court program the case against her will eventually be dismissed.

But if she fails, Judge David Happe told Portwood she would be sent to prison to serve the five years he was suspending.

“I know it is going to be hard but I have a lot to lose – I have a daughter,” Portwood quietly told Judge Happe. For the sake of her daughter: Amber told the court that she was willing to do the program for the sake of her daughter Leah Shirley.

Part of the plea deal is a $10,000 college trust fund that Portwood must set up for her daughter, Leah Shirley. She must also pay a $10 fine, $165 in court costs, and a $200 processing fee.

Portwood was arrested on December 19 for violating several terms of her probation.

On December 22 she was charged with Class D felony possession of a controlled substance – hydrocodone pills.

She will remain in Madison County Jail until her Drug Court hearing on Thursday.

 Daily Mail

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