If we have learned one thing from viral videos, it’s that amateur acrobatics and a rolling camera is almost certainly a recipe for disaster.

It’s a lesson that one American man recently learned the hard way when he attempted to take after the US men’s gymnastics team while in a park with a friend, who decided to take out his phone and press record.

The short clip shows the unnamed young man stripped to the waist with grey and red shorts and black sneakers swinging from a yellow bar in a park playground, 

Having a go: A video shows an American man face-planting as he tries to dismount from a high bar in a park

Getting the air: The clip shows the young man swinging back and forth in an effort to fly high enough for his stunt

With the video title being: ‘Every now and then we need a good fail,’ the ensuing events are less than surprising. 

The shirtless amateur gymnast is seen swinging back and forth in concentration, trying to get higher and higher in anticipation of his dismount.

But, unfortunately for him, as he swings forward one last time and lets go of the bar, it’s clear that he was a bit premature.

Going for it: It’s immediately clear that he let go of the bar too early in the stunt

One too many: Then, he attempts a second flip, but it’s clear he is too close to the ground

Not quite Olympic grade: He doesn’t make it halfway through the second flip before face-planting in the sand with a crunch

He performs a first flip by swinging his legs upwards and back. He tucks into the flip by putting his hands on his knees.

But then he tries for a second flip, which immediately turns out to be a terrible idea.

He doesn’t even make it halfway through the flip before he lands straight into the sand with a crunch – face first.

As harrowing as the scene is, the man seems to recover quickly, lifting himself up and putting a hand to a face with an ‘ugh!’

Close one: Luckily, he seems to recover quickly, putting a hand to his face and uttering an ‘ugh’

Not a good look: He asks his friend ‘how bad is my face?’ and receives the reply, ‘like… dirt’

His friend stops paying attention to where the camera is pointing and asks him: ‘Man, are you alright?’

‘That did not go well,’ he replies. ‘How bad is my face?’

As he walks forward to give his friend a better look, the voice behind the camera simply replies: ‘Like… dirt.’  


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