Now I have to say that before last night, I hadn’t watched a full (or even half) episode of The Game all season. I’ve seen bits and pieces, but was mainly kept afloat by word of mouth…on Facebook. So let’s get to it.
Let me start by saying that I detest Melanie’s hair color this season. I just don’t like it for some reason. And I definitely didn’t like her in this finale (&& the last two that I watched before that came on). Melanie has always been, for lack of a better phrase, ugh and now she is just extra with the bourgeoisie steez. In that entire scene with her and Tasha Mack (who I love now), Melanie was soo condescending. Everything from the ghetto snacks she had prepared to the way she was speaking to Tasha oozed a superiority complex. I really wanted Tasha to slap her. She deserved it. It’s safe to say that we all knew she was leaving with one less client anyway so I say go out with a bang. But hey, maybe that’s just me. Now on to Melanie and Derwin (who is just too damn fine to me.! woo.!): these two are trying to have a baby, but to no avail. So they decide to seek medical attention. In the last scene they are in the doctor’s office where he is asking her the normal miscarriage and abortions questions. The doctor leaves out the room and Derwin says,” The abortion Melanie, was it mine?” or something like that. Then it went off. See that’s how they get you to watch the next season. Lol. That’s how they got me with season 3. But I digress.

Tasha Mack finally fell back into my good graces after a bumpy start this season. I had a real problem with her being scared of Kelly. Especially with all that gum bumping that she does. SMH. I didn’t quite know what to make of that. But I’m glad to see her sort of mature as a character. I was growing weary of the overtly mad, ghetto, black woman cliche that she sometimes fell victim to. Anywho, the Mario Van Peebles scenario with him living a double life was slightly funny. He’s aged nicely. Speaking of which, Keith Sweat is looking good too. What’s the opposite of a cougar because I love older (NICE LOOKING) men? Does that make me a…cub? I don’t know. If somebody figures it out let me know. But I digress.
Malik…mmmm. I’m sorry but he is sexy to me with his poofy thing on his head shoo. Anywho, after battling with deep internal struggles for most of the show’s life, he seemed to finally have his head right. The pretty girl from “One Life To Live”, I don’t know her name, but she has become the touchstone for Malik. I think she’s a nice addition to the show. Meagan Good however….I objected to her being on the show from the beginning. LOL. It’s nothing personal, but I just feel like she plays herself the same character all the time. Add some variety girl. But anywho, she is a hater. I honestly don’t think she would’ve even brought up Malik had his girl not been right there. Stanking ass. I also would like to add that it doesn’t matter what he plays in, I never like Michael Beach’s character. SMH. (Wait, he was OK in “Lean On Me”. ) I really hope Malik comes out on top because I’m tired of seeing him lose. As for his relationship, well they both ended up relapsing in the end so….hopefully they can get well together. I don’t know. Call me silly, but I thought the fake photo shoot was sweet. I tend to look at the glass as half full. LBVS.
Jason was too salty when he realized that Stacy Dash’s character Camille was with the rookie. LOL. I can’t stand Jason’s cheap ass so that’s what he gets. Super cheap people irritate me. (Wait I like the daddy from “Everybody Hates Chris” tho. Now he is too funny shoo.) I didn’t see Kelly. I can’t say that I’m mad about that.
Am I missing anything? I don’t know. All I have to say is if Melanie had an abortion these are the two possible times I think she could’ve been pregnant: Remember when they thought she was pregnant earlier in the show and Derwin proposed to her? But then she wasn’t pregnant. Hey, you never know. The next time could be when she hit Trey Wiggums’ junk after she left Derwin. Wait could it be the doctor’s that she was freaking on when she was dissing Derwin?? Hmm…so many questions. I guess we’ll find out next season.

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  1. i think its when she sexed mc hottie in the bathroom because he didnt use a condom, he just lifted her dress and did her, we clearly seen him zip and insert no condom what so ever

  2. Yaaassss.!!! LOL. That Derwin is just….ooh. I love him. Malik just started being sexy to me again because his 'tude was not the business. I used to be Team Melanie but this trick just be doing too much. LOL. But then again, I don't want Janay in the picture either so….LOL.

  3. ok Alyssa it's like we are one. I hated melanie's hair color and attitude all season. I didn't really care for Tasha. Dang how many angry black women characters do we need. We have enough on RHOA. And some of us are not angry all the time for no reason. Tasha needed to grow up. She was too old for all that and scared of Kelly's punk @ss. come on now. Too much. All the men are fine on the show!!!!

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