After an 18-month investigation, a Louisiana man was arrested in connection to a “Nigerian Prince” email scheme. But #Roommates, he’s as far from a Nigerian prince as you can get! The Slidell, Louisiana police department released his mug shot and turns out he’s a 67-year-old white man.

According to reports, Michael Neu scammed a number of people out of thousands of dollars and he’s now facing 269 counts of wire fraud and money laundering.

Police say he served as the middle man in the scheme. He stole identities and participated in hundreds of financial transactions through the phone and internet. The “prince” would allegedly ask for the person’s personal banking info so he could transfer his ‘inheritance’ and asks for them to temporarily hold funds.

He then wired some of the money to his international team of scammers, some of which actually do live in Nigeria.

“This scam, along with others, are becoming a common practice all across the United States,” the Slidell police department posted on their Facebook page. “If someone call’s you claiming to be an official of a government agency, your local utility company, a law enforcement official, or anything similar, ask for a callback number and verify the person is legitimate.”

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