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Neither side confirms, but it looks like a MAJOR acquisition involving TIDAL and Apple Music is about to go down. And Jay Z is about to be an even richer man.

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News recently broke that Apple is exploring the option of buying TIDAL, he music streaming service helmed by Jay Z.

It’s unclear how the logistics would work since they’re both competing streaming services, but it could be a situation similar to Apple’s purchase of Beats where they’re mostly interested in the technology, the 4.2 million users and even the access to the celebs who are involved in TIDAL.

It would be a serious power move on both companies’ behalf as this deal has the high probability of putting Jay on billionaire status and Apple then squashes another competitor buy buying them. So they become that much stronger.

The Wall Street Journal says the deal may or may not go through, and the terms of the deal are unknown.

Still, TIDAL — who’s suffered plenty of executive turnover lately — denies meeting with Apple, and Apple refused to confirm if the two companies are in talks.

If this deal goes through, we’re expecting a huge shakeup in the streaming world, and huge bags of money for the Carters.

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