The Internet is buzzing today, over reports that the next iPhone 5s, set for unveiling on Sept. 10, could be available in black, white and gold. If Apple does indeed launch a gold iPhone, it would be the first color added to the iconic device since its debut in 2007.


Well according to reports from TechCrunch,  gold will join black and white as options for Apple’s next smartphone. Both reports claim the iPhone won’t feature a gaudy gold, such as you might see on a gold bar, but more of a champagne color. The phone will have a white face with a golden tone on the backplate and edging.

Also, there will be a  low-cost iPhone will be called the 5C. The “C” is thought to stand for “color,” suggesting that the device will come in a range of colors instead of just black or white.

Other rumors about the iPhone 5S include a slow-motion camera and a fingerprint sensor to distinguish the phone’s owner.

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