Based on the way the ultraconservative Alex Jones screams and rants on his talk show, it’s probably not shocking to learn he’s not the easiest person to live with.

But Kelly Jones revealed just how bad it was to be married to the conspiracy peddler.

“I just think he’s a really unhappy disturbed person,” she told “Inside Edition” Tuesday. “He really was very cruel to me every day of our marriage. He would just make fun of me, I couldn’t do anything right. He would tell me I was fat.”

Inside Edition

Kelly Jones was awarded joint custody with her home being the primary residence, but the kids have yet to come home. 

Even before their marriage, Kelly said there were signs even that Jones was a difficult man. A case in point was his reaction on Sept. 11, 2001 to the terrorist attacks.

“I was going outside with a candle to stand with my neighbors on the sidewalk to mourn with them and he just yelled at me,” she said. “I think on that very day he said there was conspiracy behind it and I just said, ‘Whoa!’”

The couple was married for 12 years before divorcing in 2015. In April, they battled each other for custody of their three children in a high-profile court case.

Dr. Alissa Sherry, the case manager who handled the custody issues during the divorce, told the court that a therapist diagnosed Alex Jones with narcissistic personality disorder, a condition that can impact a person’s sense of empathy.

Sherry also said that Kelly Jones suffered instances of “emotional dysregulation,” which means she has an inability to control the intensity of her emotions.

However, Kelly Jones was awarded joint custody with her home being the primary residence.

But the kids haven’t come home yet. 

Alex Jones has asked a judge to set aside the jury verdict while he fights to give her less time with the kids.

“I just want my kids to come home and have a normal life,” she told “Inside Edition.”


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