#Roommates, a sheriff in Alabama is receiving serious backlash after taking $750,000 meant for inmates’ food budget and decided to use those funds to purchase a $740,000 beach house for himself!

The money was supposed to be used to feed the Etowah County jail inmates but it’s clear the Sheriff ran off with the funds.

What’s crazy about this is that when he was asked about the $750,000, he didn’t deny receiving the funds. It is being reported that he actually used the funds as his personal account!

The weirdest part of all is that it’s perfectly legal! According to The Grio, “The state’s Depression-era law, as described by WBUR, allows sheriffs to pocket and save any unspent monies from its jailhouse food provision funds. The excess funds are accounted for as ‘personal income.’ However, should their jails run short on money, they are personally held responsible for making up the difference.”

“Without the funds, Entrekin makes a little over $93,000 per year.”

In the end though it’s clear the Sheriff won’t be losing any sleep over this coverage.

“The Food Bill is a controversial issue that’s used every election cycle to attack the Sheriff’s Office,” Entrekin continued. “Alabama Law is clear regarding my personal financial responsibilities of feeding inmates. Until the legislature acts otherwise, the Sheriff must follow the current law.”

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