The wife of the NBA baller Chris Bosh took to her twitter yesterday after the Young Money CEO Lil Wayne said he “f*cked Chris Bosh wife.”


” She started it off with a series of retweets which read:

“Truth prevails. Today stand in your truth and ignore the chatter around and about you. #myhighestself #TodayICan #chakrawisdom. Some people create hate for profit, and some people create love for free. Pay no mind to the haters, embrace the love. #TodayICan. #TodayICan ignore those who live in hate for their own ego, and keep my eyes on pure love. They will never bring me down.

Mrs. Bosh then continued to kill him with kindness by telling Wayne ‘what goes around comes around.’ She even tweeted a picture to let Weezy know karma is real.

Do you think Adrienne handle it the correct way?

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