#Roommates we all know #AdrienBroner just can’t help himself when it comes to staying out of trouble and the latest incident will cost him his ride sharing privileges with #Uber.

In a video obtained by @TMZ_TV, Adrien and some of his friends were seen trying to turn up to #SickoMode, but the driver had enough before things got too crazy.

In the video you can see and hear Adrien screaming for the Uber driver to turn up the music. After he turns it up, everyone starts yelling and trying to sing along. But by then, at that point the driver was over all of the shenanigans and actually pulled over and asked Adrien and his crew to leave his car.

Now we don’t know what led up to the driver finally snapping. Though it may look like the music was the last straw, clearly something was going on before. As a driver, your safe as well as passenger safety is of the utmost importance, turn up or not.

Apparently Uber representatives have looked into the matter and have officially banned Adrien from using the ride sharing app. They believed Adrien’s behavior was unacceptable and his access has been revoked indefinitely. No word on what rating the Uber driver received.

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Source: http://www.tmz.com/2018/09/14/adrien-broner-banned-uber-drake-travis-scott-sicko-mode/?adid=TMZ_Search_Results

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