Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence announced it correctly at the 85th Annual Academy Awards -“The unstoppable Adele“. Adele keeps sky-rocketing to the top with win after win after win. It’s a big deal when an Artist wins a Grammy because it’s specifically for music appreciation but when an Artist has the distinct honor of winning for Best Original Song in a film at the Oscars it is a massive celebration! It is a rite of passage, to leap from the parameters of the music industry into another category of entertainment such as film. It literally means the possibilities have now increased even more in  limitless directions because another audience is paying even closer attention. Before we know it she will be an actual singer in a movie and better yet, showing some acting chops with top actors and actresses. We’ve seen it with our top mainstream acts ranging from Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Common, and many more! We’re coming to find that entertainment goes hand in hand with sustaining the longevity of a music Artist’s career which is why we see the emergence of singers and recording Artists with other marketable fields that allow their brand to expand: Fashion, Fragrance, Jewelry, Make-up, Commercials, and the notorious reality tv shows.

I’ve heard the usual slap-in-the face comments regarding Adele‘s performance but I’m here to say it was brilliant. Brilliant is one of my favorite words for what it means: excellence or distinction; conspicuous talent, mental ability, etc. So yeah, that’s what Adele embodies besides being a curvy, luscious (for all my ladies with a womanly shape) English woman as the chanteuse for a suave debonaire James Bond film theme song fits the bill as well if you ask me. Brilliance is the word of choice. It is the first time a James Bond song has won and it took home the Brit Award for Best British Single at the 2013 BRIT Awards.

To make it even more special Adele lends her thoughts and pen to the paper alongside producer Paul Epworth to create the track that won her the Oscar. It appears she was apprehensive in the beginning to take on this monumental feat with the iconic thematic song-scape the past James Bond features have created over time but when she read the script of the film it all melted away and the creative artistry took form. It was possible she could lend her take to this continuing legacy of Bond films adding her own specialty that Bond fans of today and the future will always remember. The lyrics intended to reflect the narrative of the film, rather than emphasize romanticism. Epworth stated that the producers request was for “a dramatic ballad basically,” so he and Adele tried to “do something that was simultaneously dark and final, like a funeral, and to try and turn it into something that was not final. A sense of death and rebirth.”

I definitely receive that feeling especially in her first lines, “This is the end. Hold your breath and count to ten.” The stage setting and Adele‘s attire are glitzy and glamorous just like the femme fatales who seductively lure Bond into many deadly situations as well as their beds, or his. The orchestra gives a climatic drama that is signature to the mystery, intrigue, and ultimate adventure that lies within the danger of it all. To be a singer and well noted song-writer she’s got the world in her hands. There’s no stopping her now.



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