Wow, after 4 months, Adele revealed the name of her newborn.  The 24-year-old singer has been spotted wearing a necklace with the babies name on it while shopping in West Hollywood this week, sparking speculation it could be her baby son’s name.


The gold necklace she’s rockin’ may have given it away. The pendant reads “Angelo” and sources are saying that is, in fact, her son’s name. “Those close to Adele have been told the baby is called Angelo,” a source told The Sun newspaper.“We’re not sure of the significance of the name. She’s wanted to keep it quiet but it was always going to come out sooner or later.  “Wearing an Angelo necklace not only backs up what is being said, it suggests she’s not worried about people finding out.”The Grammy Award-winning singer refused to reveal the child’s name when asked at the Golden Globes last Sunday where she won the Best Song award for Skyfall. “I am not sharing his name at the moment. It is very personal to me. I am enjoying him on my own,” she told reporters.

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