Adele is the face of Rolling Stone’s “Women Who Rock 2012″ issue.  In the October issue, the publication pays tribute to women in the industry who are making strides in music, and as we can see Adele is one of them.

Check out what Adele told the mag:

On writing sessions being therapeutic: “We broke up mutually, and I was desperate to write about it ’causes I can’t talk about my feelings to anyone. To my mom, to my therapist, to friends, to myself in the mirror – I can’t really do it. I’ve always written down how I feel.”

On not being a fan of gossip: “My friends all read gossip s**t, and they’re like, ‘I heard you’re going now with blah blah,’ and I haven’t even met these people. It’s bulls**t.”

Aretha Franklin on Adele:
“It’s been a long time since an artist like Adele has come along. Carol King is the last person who wrote the kind of lyrics women immediately could relate to. I love to hear a schoolgirl on the school bus yellin’, ‘We coulda had it all!’”

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  1. The Aretha Franklin reference alone…. I love Adele, and I'm glad she's making real music, and people are loving it.

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