An activist out of Portland, Oregon named #CameronWhitten has created an event called ‘Reparations Happy Hour’ through his new nonprofit organization, #BrownHope.

“It’s exactly what it sounds like,” Whitten told Raw Story. “What I want to do is end the cycle of exploitation. For black, brown, indigenous people, you face so many barriers, whether it’s tokenization or straight-up poverty.”

At the event, which took place on Monday, Black attendees received $10 to go towards food and drinks. White people were told not to attend, and encouraged to donate funds instead. A total of 40 people came out, and about $400 in donations were distributed. 

“With the reparations happy hour, the whole idea is to how do we feel from this trauma of racism? We talked to folks, we engage folks. They said we want a space for our community, and we said we can do better than that. How about we do some reparations?” Whitten said.

He added, “For every black, brown and indigenous person we give them $10 to acknowledge the history of everything,” he continued. “By doing this event, we are creating a space of empowerment and a safe space for black, brown and indigenous people to see each other.”

Whitten has raised $5,000 for future events! Roommates, what are your thoughts about the Reparations Happy Hour? 

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