28-year-old Bethany Storro admitted that she was the one who tossed acid in her own face, police said they saw inconsistencies in her story from the beginning.

Here we go again with someone blaming a black person,  Storro originally claimed was carried out by an African American woman Aug. 30, sparked international outrage and sympathy for Storro.

“Truthfully there were red flags from the beginning,” Vancouver, Wash., police commander Marla Schuman told “Good Morning America” today. “Initially just the manner of the attack, when she’s talking about being splashed in the face with acid and the demarcation, the placement of injuries on her face… the thought that she was wearing sunglasses at 7:30 at night when she normally doesn’t wear sunglasses. Just small things that didn’t quite add up to a picture of normalcy.

Storro had already appeared on Good Morning America and was booked to appear on Oprah before her plot collapsed.

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